Motion Design Holdings is a technology company based in West Auckland. Our vision is to help others succeed with Technology, which means we will use our knowledge in engineering and technology to deliver world-class solutions that provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

Motion Design has three teams, in Muriwai, Waimauku and Hamilton, who together specialize in finding ways to improve other businesses’ systems, processes and workflows. This can be either through software, automation equipment or a combination of both.

One of our strengths is to form strong, long-term relationships with our customers and work together on solutions they require. We are a team of engineers and software professionals that are passionate about what we do and exhibit a “can-do” attitude when it comes to helping our customers. We believe that the key to building our business is to deliver real value to our customers and enhance their way of doing business.

Motion Design was founded in 1996 by friends Frank Calis and Mark Page with their shared passion for machine control and automation to create cutting edge robotic solutions. Very much a number-8 wire story, our early work began in Mark’s garage, before shifting to Frank’s farm shed in rural North-West Auckland. A workshop and office was set up, which remains to this day. Our humble rural setting has been the unassuming birthplace of some very high tech systems that are sold around the world.