Frequently asked questions

Company Questions

How much experience does Motion Design have?

Motion Design was founded in 1996, so we’ve got over 2 decades’ experience under our belt and counting. See what we’ve been up to during this time.

Where are you based?

We have 3 locations, 2 in Auckland and 1 in Hamilton. But we offer our software and automation solutions across New Zealand and the world.

What do you do

We design, build and install software and automation solutions that are tailor-made to address your unique business needs. See some of our work in action by exploring our case studies.

What industries do you work in?

We work in any industry that requires a software or automation solution! We believe most, if not all, industries can benefit from software and automation solutions and our experience to date has spanned a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and laboratories.

Who have you worked with?

We’re proud to count a wide range of leading New Zealand and international companies as our clients. Our clients span multiple sectors and include Bluescope, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Fletcher Steel, Easysteel, Fonterra, Lanaco, Foundry Lab, Hill Laboratories, Ravensdown, Analytica, Greenmount Espies (now Greenmount Interiors), Asure Quality and RealSteel.

Do you have any vacancies?

As a growing business, we’re always on the lookout for the best staff. If you’re interested in a full-time job or an internship, contact us.

What happened to Intellitech Automation?

Intellitech was Motion Design’s sister brand. Started as a joint venture between Motion Design and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Intellitech focused on providing laboratory automation solutions and robotics for dairy labs around the world. Over time, it became clear that there was a lot of crossover between Intellitech and Motion Design’s offerings and it felt disjointed to be delivering similar tech and expertise from two different brands.

By bringing the Intellitech brand into Motion Design’s, we were able to build stronger, better relationships with our clients, especially our New Zealand ones. Although the Intellitech brand no longer exists, its services and offerings still do – they’re delivered through Motion Design.

Our Products & Projects

Who are you distributors for

We’re distributors for international brands known for their quality, reliability and longevity. These include Bentley Instruments, Thomson, Kollmorgen, EtherCAT, Beckhoff, Boston Gear and Thompson Linear.

Do you provide tech support?

We support the software and machines that we’ve provided and we outline what this support is in our clients’ SLAs (service level agreements). This support is tailored to our clients’ needs and clients are provided with dedicated phone numbers for after hours support. Within working hours, we can be contacted by email or phone.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely – training is an essential part of our service. We provide training in-person, online and through detailed operations and service manuals supplied with the machine, which might include short videos. The training we deliver is customised to our clients’ needs.

Do you provide maintenance?

We provide maintenance for our hardware, software and machines. On all installed systems, we offer both hardware and software support post-install. At any time, if you want additional features added, you can contact us to arrange.

We offer off- and on-site maintenance for our machines. Although we’re happy to service the machines we install, we also focus on training our clients to maintain their own equipment. Most clients prefer to have this control over their machines.

Our Industry

What’s machine automation

Machine automation is when technology and robotics are used for certain tasks, with low human involvement. See machine automation in action.

What’s software automation?

Software automation is similar to machine automation. It turns repeatable, routine tasks into automated actions that need little human input. But it uses applications and software to do this, rather than machines. Have a look at our software automation solutions.

What’s IoT?

The IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This is a network of ‘things’ (physical objects and devices) that connect, communicate and exchange data with each other via the internet. These things can be everything from household items to complex industrial tools. Think kitchen appliances, cars, thermostats and baby monitors: all objects that are connected to the internet and can send and receive data, without much human assistance.

Any time you ask your smart assistant to look up directions, or when you monitor your front door via your smartphone, that’s part of the IoT. A lot of our products form part of the IoT.

What’s Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial (well, manufacturing) revolution. Industry 4.0 represents the digitisation of manufacturing and a transformation in how we make products. Industry 4.0 connects computers that communicate with each other to make decisions, without humans being involved. Industry 4.0 makes smart factories possible, helping to make factories more productive and efficient, and less wasteful.

What is a cobot?

A cobot (or co-robot) is a collaborative robot. This means it works with humans in some way. This could be as an assistant in a task or process, or as a guide. Cobots are designed to respond to human instructions and actions. This makes them different to autonomous robots which mainly work alone, without human supervision or input.

What industries benefit from robotic automation?

Although the manufacturing and dairy industries, plus laboratories, are ideal candidates for robotic automation, all industries can benefit. The manufacturing and dairy industries produce a huge amount of products and robotic automation can help at all production, packing and shipping stages. But any industry that relies on highly repeatable, tedious or tricky tasks can benefit from robotic automation.

Whatever the size of your business, robotic automation solutions can help streamline and improve a huge range of tasks.

What are the benefits of robotic automation

Robotic automation delivers benefits for all industries and all business sizes. In a nutshell, robotic automation frees up your most valuable resource (your employees) to focus on more important things, while keeping them safe.

Among other benefits, robotic automation also ensures accurate, reliable results every time; reduces your operating costs; and boosts your productivity, flexibility and efficiency. Talk to us today about the ideal robotic automation solution for your business.