Soil Cone Grinder

Soil Cone Grinder

Simplify and speed up the tough job of grinding soil samples for lab testing with robotics.


Many manual processes are ideally suited to automation, which revolutionises slow tasks that are prone to operator error, among other potential problems. Grinding soil samples for lab testing is a great example of a manual process that can benefit from robotics.

Traditionally completed by hand, grinding soil samples is physical, slow, dirty, inconsistent, and at risk of contamination. Our custom machine, the Soil Cone Grinder, effectively grinds and prepares soil samples while delivering a range of user and business benefits.

This smart custom machine grinds soil through a mesh cone dish, which allows for different sized mesh and different coarseness of the samples. This adjustment capacity allows it to grind many types of soil samples, including both wet and dry.

Operator involvement is minimal; they only need to refill the mesh cone, attach an empty jar to the dispensing tray, and press go. A single operator can control multiple machines at once, making the process much less reliant on labour.

The Soil Cone Grinder also improves user safety. It features a Perspex enclosure which restricts access to moving parts and acts as a dust extraction system.

features / benefits

Fully adjustable

Different sized mesh allows for different coarseness of samples, both wet and dry.

Quicker and more efficient

One operator can control multiple machines at once.


Operators are kept safe due to restricted access to moving parts and a dust extraction system. Also reduces the high effort needed to perform the test manually, so reduces the risk of occupational overuse syndrome (OOS).

Who it’s suitable for

Laboratories who:

  • Need to automate a manual process.
  • Want efficient, accurate soil sampling, every time.
  • Want to reduce operator involvement while making it safer for them.

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