Business Automation Software

Business Automation Software can transform processes that are slow and/or error prone, saving your business time and money. Motion Design have been developing custom Business Automation Software for steelforming businesses for the past decade.

Business Automation Software for steelforming

One size rarely fits all when it comes to Business Automation Software.  We don’t offer generic products and expect your business to try to fit around them, we come alongside our customers and try to understand their needs first. After working together to specify and deliver an initial solution, we become a part of the continuous improvement cycle.

Software solutions driven by a top-down approach cannot come close to the level of success and buy-in achieved when the whole team from the factory floor to the office have been able to offer ideas for improvements.

Customised Business Automation Software gives you the opportunity to establish efficient systems exactly tailored to your business needs and rules. It also allows you to take control of your workflows, and deliver a system that everybody owns and believes in.

Cloud systems

The purpose of any cloud-hosted software is to be available wherever you have an internet connection. They can also be more cost-effective than having a dedicated server onsite. We have worked with our customers to deliver a number of cloud-based systems that have become an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Examples include:

  • 3D design, pricing and ordering system for steel-framed commercial buildings
  • Online ordering portal for a building products wholesaler
  • Steel fencing quoting tool for installers
  • Mobile web app delivering key sales stats and up-to-date production status for sales teams

Smart factory systems

One of our specialties is integrating machines on the factory floor with business systems in the office. We deliver this via a Production server that hosts two-way ERP integration, and can also talk to all the machines on the factory floor when they are controlled by our equipment.
Automatic business reports (KPI) can be generated from the statistics gathered from machines in the factory.

Our customers

Our customers include:

Our capabilities

Our engineers are experienced with:

  • Java web apps & services
  • Java ‘desktop’ applications
  • HTML/Javascript
  • MySQL databases
  • Remote administration of Linux servers
  • Linux-based machine control
  • Integration with third parties via API’s

If you want to know more about how we could work with your business to deliver Business Automation Software tailored directly to your needs, give us a call on +64 9 411 8230, or get in touch via our contact form.