Machine Control

Motion Design has long been an advocate for the use of computers in machine control, because of their ability to integrate machines on the factory floor with business systems in the office. However one size does not fit all, so we are also very capable at programming PLC, servo drive and robotic systems.

RTC Controller

Motion Design’s RTCCONTROLLER concept goes beyond what machine control platforms normally offer, by delivering a rich graphical user interface from the same Industrial Computer, and through advanced integration capabilities with office IT systems. Our controller can simultaneously control the machine while also processing data, read from files, write to files, or transfer files over Ethernet. All this happens in a guaranteed time fashion using RTAI linux. The controller hardware is based on embedded industrial PC technology with solid state drives. Making use of the real-time Ethercat fieldbus network works well to create a total real time-control.
We prefer to use our RTCCONTROLLER where complex control, advanced IT integration, or a roll-out of a large number of systems is involved.

PLC Programming

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is often the right choice to control a machine when it is relatively straightforward, little IT integration is required, or there will only ever be a limited number of machines built.
Entry-level PLC’s can be quite cost effective and simple, while if your machine is more complex, more advanced PLC’s have touch screens, and can offer rich user interfaces.
PLC systems programmed by Motion Design are noted for being well-designed and user friendly.

Intergrating Peripherals

We have interfaced machine controllers with servo drives, off-the-shelf robots, barcode readers, RFID readers, inkjet printers (for product marking), label printers and document printers. Almost anything is possible.