Data Analytics Software

Data Insights


LIVE DATA REPORTING from multiple systems

Our clients are always looking for ways to improve manufacturing processes. One of those is by having accurate KPI’s of throughput, machine & operator performance, traceability of their products and seeing trends or spotting bottlenecks.

Insight product


Tag each event with relevant data

We built a generic platform on which customers can easily report and customise for the types of machines, production lines or processes that they wish to monitor. Once these ‘events’ and their types are set up, simply start sending events to Insights through our REST API interface.
This means you can send requests from any system that can make a web request which allows for integrating with your:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Internal business apps
  • Motion Design machines
  • Insights IIoT box and more…

Monitor Machines

Remotely from your factory

If you wish to monitor existing machines but can’t access the source code to send events, our Insights IIoT box is just the solution for the problem. Each machine has different requirements for what to monitor and is in different environments. We’ll happily get the right IIoT box setup for your machines.


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