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Header image for post about Motion Design's Smart Factory Industry 4.0 demonstration system for the EMEX trade show

Exhibition Chocolate Delivery System – Bespoke demonstration system

Customer: Motion Design Ltd Key benefits: Demonstrate the mechanical and software capabilities of Motion Design. Problem: To create a miniature smart factory demonstration which showcases smart technology applied to basic equipment. The vision was to make a small...

ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot – Product

Customer: Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), International Milk Testing Laboratories Problem: Automating the sample preparation process for component testing of milk samples in a laboratory. Key benefits: Improve consistency of sample preparation, more accurate results, sample traceability throughout the...

SSR Sampling Robot being operated by technicians

Mapper Weigher and Sub-Sampling Robot (SSR) – Bespoke Project

Customer: Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) Problem: Automate a high throughput, labour intensive and repetitive process. Key benefits: Greater accuracy and repeatability, reduced operator error, reduced dependency on seasonal labour, sample traceability, machine and operator KPI’s. Details: LIC collects individual...