Machine Vision

Motion Design can add machine vision to your system to allow for smarter production. Automated systems will benefit in a number of ways when machine vision is added.

Software is an integral part of machine vision and together with robotics or automation equipment, will make your process smarter and improve quality and help drive better efficiencies and productivity.

Machine vision Quality assurance check

Quality Assurance Checks

Check for defects, dimensional tolerance, product features or labels as part of automated quality assurance.

Machine vision to identify products

Product Identification

Measure a product to determine what it is, even comparing it to drawings in a database.

Vision-Guided Robotics

Integrate a camera into your system so that a robot can be guided by the actual position of objects.

Machine vision system colour recognition

Color recognition

Developing systems that can recognize and differentiate colors for quality control and other applications.

Barcode and QR code scanning

Using machine vision to scan multiple barcodes and QR codes at once for inventory management and tracking.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Use machine vision to recognize and read text on objects and make decisions based on what is written.


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