Milk Analysis Equipment

Milk Analysis Equipment

innovative analytical automation solutions for the dairy industry

We are proud to be working with Bentley Instruments Inc. to bring their innovative range of milk analysis instruments to New Zealand.

Bentley Instruments product line includes a wide range of instrumentation for the dairy industry. Every model is designed for maximum productivity, accuracy and reliability. Their products are in use in over 45 countries around the world and are backed by global service teams that are available 24-7. Analyse raw milk, processed milk, cream, yoghurt, sour cream, ice cream and frozen yoghurt with more precision and ease.

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Combination systems

Bentley combination systems simultaneously measure somatic cells and milk components, helping dairy laboratories to greatly enhance their operation’s efficiency. Two different models are available:


Measures: Somatic Cells, Fat, Protein, Lactose and Solids

The Bentley DairySpec & SomaCount Combi simultaneously measures somatic cells and components, helping dairy laboratories to greatly enhance their operation’s efficiency. This system combines the analytically power of the DairySpec FT and the Somacount FC, two of Bentley Instruments most proven, reliable and easy to use systems. A single auto-sampler delivers samples to both systems, speeding up the analysis process. Optional bar code readers can also be used to monitor and track samples.


Measures: Somatic Cell Counts, Fat, Protein, Lactose and more.

The Bentley FTS/FCM series represents the latest in state-of-the-art technology for automated milk analysis at up to 600 samples per hour. Engineered in accordance with Bentley Instruments’ rigorous design principles, the FTS/FCM provides precise and accurate measurements. The FTS/FCM comprises two separate modules—the Bentley Flow Cytometer (FCM), and the Bentley Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS). The FCM measures the somatic cell count of the milk samples while the FTS simultaneously measures the milk composition, including fat, protein and lactose.

BActeria counter systems

Rapid Enumeration of Individual Bacteria in Milk. The IBC series uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of total bacteria in milk. They are the ideal solution for any processing plant or test laboratory involved in quality assessment of milk.

Milk Analysis Equipment Bactocount IBC


The BactoCount IBC is a fully automated instrument that uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of individual bacteria in raw milk. The high speed of this model makes it the ideal solution for mid to large size laboratories that need an easy to maintain, exceptionally fast bacteria counting system.

Analyzing up to 150 samples per hour, (BactoCount IBC 50, BactoCount IBC 100, and BactoCount IBC 150) Fully automated system provides a steady flow of samples Low maintenance, reliable performance.


The component analysis models are designed to measure and calculate milk and dairy components, including: fat A&B, protein, lactose, total solids (TS), solids-non-fat (SNF), urea, milk urea nitrogen (MUN), free fatty acids (FFA), freezing point depression (FPD), added water, pH and a host of other parameters. The technology for analysis utilizes the molecular-bond energy absorptions found in the mid-infrared spectrum.

Milk Analysis Equipment Dairyspec FT


The DairySpec FT is designed for a wide range of dairy laboratories and processing facilities that need a highly accurate instrument for the analysis of dairy components, including Fat, Protein and Lactose. Engineered in accordance with Bentley Instruments’ rigorous design principles and quality management systems, the DairySpec FT provides precise and accurate measurements, as well as exceptional reliability.


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