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Sequencer MES Scheduling Software

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Manufacturing businesses


A shift from Industry 2.0 to 3.0 in the 1960s saw a sharp rise in how large quantities of goods were manufactured using the Kaizen/Lean manufacturing method. What didn’t quite change though is how these orders were received from the end-users and processed through factories with computational automation. Our customers need a system to help them understand their manufacturing capacity, go digital, get real-time updates on the status of orders while understanding when they are able to fulfill the order commitments – essentially moving towards a smart factory solution.


We have developed an in-house scheduling system called Sequencer which has the ability to integrate with existing ERP systems (including legacy), pricing databases, B2B, CRM or any other MES products. It can filter orders by means of priority (customized to the business requirements) such as materials, profiles, finishing, tooling, etc, place them in queues and forecast end times as well as workload for a day/week/ month. This helps customers understand what is in their pipeline and how best to manage it either by means of overtime, pushing back order delivery dates or allocating more resources.

Our system has the ability to predict the time to complete an order, give operators the ability to see what similar orders that can be completed together and also provides customers visibility of their own order progress. Being digital, it takes away the need for printing job sheets and the daily shuffling of paper required to schedule them. It also gives flexibility to add or remove orders and review the impact of that on a queue in real-time.


6 months for prototype

Team members contributed:

Ryan, Jalpa, Alex, Craig, Clark

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