Sequencer MES Scheduling Software

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Sequencer MES Scheduling Software

Creating smarter, more productive businesses with automation software

For many manufacturing businesses, visibility and management of their capacity is a big problem. Our Sequencer MES Scheduling Software is the solution. Moving manufacturers towards a smart factory, it’s incredibly effective software that integrates with existing systems and supports paperless manufacturing. Discover more about our automation software and its benefits for your business.

The problem:

When technology took a leap in the 1960s from Industry 2.0 to 3.0, there was a rise in how large quantities of goods were manufactured using the Kaizen / Lean method.

Although having the ability to fulfil large orders of goods was a positive for many manufacturing businesses, other changes didn’t happen including the way orders were received and processed. This resulted in manufacturing businesses lacking visibility and control of their capacity. This in turn posed real business risks such as uncertainty in predicting order fulfilment which can lead to disappointed customers and lost business.


Enter our Sequencer MES Scheduling Software, automation software that’s made in New Zealand which helps move manufacturing businesses towards a smart factory. Appreciating that many manufacturing businesses wouldn’t want to upgrade their IT systems and software, our developers ensured Sequencer can be integrated with existing systems and products.

What it does

This effective automation software streamlines a range of tasks, including:

  • Filtering orders by priority, which are customised to every business’ needs, placing them in queues and forecasting daily, weekly or monthly workloads.
  • Predicting the time to complete an order, as well as giving operators visibility on what similar orders can be completed together, helping to complete orders more efficiently.
  • Adding or removing orders to see the real-time impact of that on a queue. With these insights at their fingertips, businesses can work quicker and smarter.

How it helps

Sequencer helps our customers:

  • Understand their manufacturing capacity, allowing for greater planning and reducing the risk of delayed or unfulfilled orders.
  • Move towards becoming a smart factory that supports paperless manufacturing. This means no more printing job sheets and shuffling paper to schedule jobs, reducing the resources the factory needs, speeding up manual processes and being kinder to the planet.
  • Get real-time order status updates to spot any potential issues and address them.
  • Understand what’s in their pipeline and plan how best to manage it.
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