Machine Design & Build

Motion Design specialises in developing custom robotic solutions for tricky tasks or situations. For many years we have successfully designed and developed robotics for special environments. Our major experience has been in the area of New Zealand's primary industries: meat and dairy.

Comprehensive Service

We cover all aspects of machine development from start to finish. This includes in-house CAD design, programming services, assembly, safety, testing and commissioning. We have extensive experience with SolidWorks and can create high-quality video animations. Our team of professional engineers cover a broad range of disciplines, enabling us to develop the best solution for your needs.

Meat Industry

Several robots have been designed and developed for the meat industry. These applications include sheep “Y” cutting, beef brisket cutting and beef hide cutting. This demanding industry presents many challenges for robotics. Robots in the meat industry must have the ability to follow moving animals, to cope with size and shape variations between animals, and to withstand a high pressure water/chemical wash-down environment.

Dairy Industry

Numerous robots have been designed and developed for herd testing laboratories in New Zealand and abroad. These robots typically handle milk samples from farms and prepare them for further processing or analysis.

Some of the robotic tasks include barcode scanning, capping, de-capping, stirring, shaking, weighing, heating, pipetting and combining samples, as well as interfacing with other laboratory testing equipment. These robots are very unique because in addition to their functional abilities, they process large amounts of data. The robots can create files, read and write data to file, transfer files or interact with office computers on a network. This ability to robustly control the flow of data helps guarantee the traceability of the samples. For example, relating a sample back to a particular animal on a particular farm.

The ILAS3000 robot is a successful milk sample handling robot that has been sold throughout Europe and New Zealand.