Exhibition Chocolate Smart Factory

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Exhibition Chocolate Smart Factory

Showcasing our machine automation and software automation smarts in a unique way

Working off the premise that everyone loves chocolate, we showcased our design, software automation, machine vision and IOT capabilities at a recent exhibition in an engaging and unique way. Our developers applied smart technology to basic equipment to create a miniature smart factory that produced small chocolate bars. Read on for more details of our delicious custom machine.

The problem

Exhibitions are a great way to meet potential clients face to face but how do you make your expertise stand out in a sea of similar booths? More than that, how do you showcase your smarts, including machine automation and software automation, in an engaging and memorable way? And how do you help potential clients understand the power and benefits of your solutions? By creating a miniature smart factory that handles chocolate bars.

The solution

Our developers created a small production line that handled chocolate bars. It incorporated several technologies all communicating seamlessly together and was implemented in three parts: ordering and scheduling, automated order fulfilment and live KPIs. Ordering and scheduling was achieved with our Sequencer Software, allowing users to place their orders via a tablet or by scanning the QR code on their pass.

At the centre of the solution was the bespoke automation system which was used to fulfil orders. This machine received information from the job scheduling tool and allocated orders to barcoded boxes. The system then processed orders as the raw material (chocolate) was produced. Finally, a large screen displayed production KPIs, giving insights into key data and to inform reporting.”

What it does

This example of machine automation:

  • Creates a smart factory that handles ordering and scheduling, automated order fulfilment and live KPIs.
  • Demonstrates the mechanical and software capabilities of Motion Design in a unique, engaging way.
  • Makes a complex concept easy to understand.

How it helps

This bespoke demonstration system helps our potential clients:

  • Understand how smart technology can be applied to basic equipment and the real-world business benefits of that.
  • See a machine automation solution in action and understand how it can be applied to their business.
  • Learn multiple aspects of Motion Design’s offering and how many technologies can work seamlessly together.

Turn your factory into a smart factory

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