Automate a high throughput, labour intensive process to reduce risks


Analysing milk samples in a controlled refrigerated environment is a task that benefits greatly from automation and robot integration. With an operator handling high volumes of samples, multiple potential risks are introduced, including safety, human error and fatigue, and traceability issues.

The ILAS4000 is a laboratory automation solution that streamlines a human-dependent task, reducing risk, time and costs. This 6-axis robot handles the end-to-end milk sampling process. This includes picking a vial from a tray, checking its orientation is correct, placing a vial in the shaking station, decapping the vial, and loading the sample into an analyser.

With dual stations for the shaker, carousel and cap holder, the ILAS4000 processes several vials concurrently to maximise throughput.

This custom machine has configurable settings to meet your laboratory’s unique needs.

features / benefits

Keeps samples safe

The machine uses a refrigeration system to keep the samples cold and prevent bacterial growth.

Simple to operate

A touch screen computer on the side of the unit controls the machine and presents information for easy viewing, with physical buttons available as back up.

Maximises efficiency

Throughout is maximised thanks to the machine’s ability to process multiple vials concurrently.

Who it’s suitable for

Laboratories who:

  • Want to reduce the risk of human error.
  • Are looking to automate a highly repeatable process.
  • Need full sample and machine traceability.

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