Liquid Dispenser

Liquid Dispenser

Free up lab workers and maintain excellent accuracy with this space-saving laboratory automation solution.


Robot integration and automation can transform manual processes, reducing time and errors and producing highly accurate results, every time. Meet the Liquid Dispenser.

This compact laboratory automation solution harnesses the power of automation to fill multiple vials or test tubes simultaneously, quickly and accurately. Although calibrated to dispense a single fixed volume of liquid per cycle, the volume can be manually adjusted.

It’s available either as an 8 or 10 channel dispenser or a 10 or 12 channel dispenser. Either dispenser can have their output tube spacing customised and for single or multiple rows simultaneously per dispensing action. Also only the 10ml version can have two dispense volumes that can be switched between.

Proudly made in New Zealand, the Liquid Dispenser can be further customised to your individual business needs.

features / benefits

Effortless repeatability and high accuracy

Let this custom machine do the hard work for you and produce excellent results – ± 0.1 mL with 99% confidence.

Save time

Speed up lab processes by filling multiple vials or test tubes simultaneously and freeing up lab workers’ time so they can focus on more important tasks.

Easy clean up

Purge, clean and maintain this laboratory automation solution quickly and easily. It’s even manufactured from inert materials so it can be used with reactive chemicals.

Who it’s suitable for

Laboratories who:

  • Want highly accurate results, every time.
  • Need to automate repetitive tasks without compromising on quality.
  • Are looking to save time on their processes.
  • Want a bench-space-saving, compact custom machine.

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