ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot

ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot

A smart laboratory automation solution, the ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot delivers intuitive, accurate, reliable data every time while providing a range of human benefits too.


Producing accurate data can be difficult to achieve using operators and basic equipment. Results can be too variable and unreliable. Robot integration, like the ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot, can solve these problems. That’s because it delivers consistent sample preparation for constant accuracy.

It also brings a wide range of benefits for humans, especially health and safety. Interactions with the Robot are through a screen, mouse and keyboard, keeping operators safely away from moving parts. By taking the heavy load of repetitive tasks, the risk of RSI is reduced.

IIoT reporting becomes simple with its strong software component that integrates with laboratory IT systems (LIMS) and enables thorough data.

The ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot is customisable to suit a range of sample vial types. It can be serviced remotely, allowing businesses all over the world to operate it trouble-free.

features / benefits


Reduce operator error and ensure accurate data thanks to consistent sample preparation with this laboratory automation solution.

Improved health and safety

Keep employees safe and minimise the risk of workplace injuries, including RSI, by automating manual tasks.

Software integration

Make set up simple – the ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot integrates with laboratory IT systems (LIMS).

Who it’s suitable for

Businesses who:

  • Need accurate, reliable data, every time.
  • Want to ensure the health and safety of their operators.
  • Need full traceability of their samples.
Read more about the ILAS3000 in action and contact us to purchase it for your business.

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