Vial Capping Robot

Vial Capping Robot

Reduce costs and help keep your employees OOS-free with robot integration.


Robotics in your laboratory bring a range of real human benefits. Not only do they speed up processes and reduce costs, but they help prevent OOS (occupational overuse syndrome) as they automate a human-heavy task.

The Vial Capping Robot takes the physical strain away from operators and is a complete laboratory automation solution capable of handling the entire vial capping process. This includes automatically dispensing preservative and feeding caps, receiving vial trays via a conveyor, placing caps onto the vials one row at a time, and stacking capped vial trays before indexing them out of the machine and onto the conveyor for removal.

With vials remaining in their tray during the entire process, the risk of error is significantly lowered. The Vial Capper Robot is auto adjusting and can support two different vial heights. It can also integrate with a range of machinery and equipment.

Because it’s made in New Zealand, the Vial Capper Robot can be customised to suit specific vials, tray designs and unique integration needs.

features / benefits

Speeds up processes

2,500+ vials per hour can be handled by this smart machine.

Reduces OOS risk

By automating a manual process, the risk to your employees’ safety and wellbeing is reduced.

Fully customisable

This made in New Zealand laboratory automation solution can be customised to meet your laboratory’s different needs, including specific vials, tray designs and integration requirements.

Who it’s suitable for

Laboratories who:

  • Want to automate manual processes with robotics.
  • Are looking to reduce costs.
  • Want to lower the margin of error in vial capping.
Contact us to purchase the Vial Capping Robot for your business.

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