Insights Product (Old version)

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Insights Product (Old version)

Providing powerful OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) insights to businesses

Information is power and getting detailed insights, especially measuring OEE, is critical to business success. Our software, Insights IIoT, delivers end-to-end visibility, reporting and more. This allows you to understand machine and team performance and spot bottlenecks. Find out more about this software and how it supports a smarter, more productive business.

The problem

Many businesses lack visibility and access to data that allows them insights into their machines, processes, workflows, operators and orders. Or if they have data, it may be specific to only part of their order process, such as machine performance. Without a holistic view of the entire process, businesses are limited in their ability to identify bottlenecks, track individual orders, measure their manufacturing productivity and more.

Even businesses who can access this data often must undertake a laborious manual process to pull it together from multiple platforms.

The solution

Our automation software Insights IIoT puts control of your manufacturing productivity in your hands, due to its ability to measure OEE. Compatible with legacy and new machines, it’s quick and easy to set up – simply plug and play.

Insights IIoT provides data on your entire manufacturing process. This gives you a holistic cross-process view and delivers visibility into your processes and people. You can then spot bottlenecks, address them and increase your throughput while saving time and costs.

Hosted on a private and secure Cloud-based server, your live dashboard provides real-time insights into the health of your operations. It’s fully customisable to your needs and is ideal for displaying on large screens. Generate a wide range of report and graph types to ensure you always see the data that’s most important to you.

What it does

Insights IIoT:

  • Provides complete visibility of your operations, including in-depth reporting that allows you to drill down on individual events and spot trends.
  • Delivers real-time data, including graphs, in a fully customisable live dashboard ideal for displaying on large screens.
  • Pulls data from a wide range of sources, saving you time and costs.

How it helps

Insights IIoT helps our customers:

  • Access accurate data that informs better insights into their operations.
  • Undertake targeted changes that address any identified bottlenecks to reduce waste and improve productivity and revenue.
  • Get complete traceability on their operations with the ability to tag as much information as is needed on any event.

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